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Privately Funded Home Care

Privately Funded Home Care is a flexible care option for older Australians.

It’s support to help you get the most out of life. So you can enjoy your home, lifestyle and community for as long as you like, in the way you like.

These services are not subsidised by the Government.

But they can be a great option if you need some extra support. Or if you don’t yet qualify for Government funding, like a Home Care Package.

On this page you’ll learn:

  • Why people choose Privately Funded Home Care
  • The advantages of Privately Funded Home Care
  • BodeWell’s approach to Privately Funded Home Care
  • How to get started

Why people choose Privately Funded Home Care

Privately Funded Health Care can be a good fit in many situations.

Here are some examples:

  • You’re waiting for your Home Care Package and need support in the meantime.
  • You’re not eligible for Government-funded support.
  • You’ve exceeded your funding and need extra support.
  • You would prefer to pay for the services yourself.

The advantages of Privately Funded Home Care

People choose Privately Funded Home Care for many reasons.

  • It’s accessible – You don’t have to qualify for Privately Funded Home Care because you’re paying. This removes the need for assessments, eligibility checks and waiting lists. You get the support and services you need, when you need it – without the red tape.
  • It’s flexible – You tend to have greater choice with Privately Funded Home Care. As long as the service is available, the way you use it is up to you.
  • It’s useful – Privately Funded Home Care can make a big difference in a variety of ways. You can use it as a temporary measure to make life easier while you wait for Government funding. Or it can be a permanent measure to supplement existing care.
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BodeWell's approach to Privately Funded Home Care

At BodeWell, we pride ourselves on a relationship-first approach. 

We believe every life is unique. This is why we match you with a Personal Support Worker who has a similar background and personality.

These shared values are the key to finding the ideal support worker.

We also like to keep the services consistent. This means you and your family always have a familiar face you can turn to for support.

How to get started

We can help you find support and care, in the comfort and familiar surroundings of  your home. We’ll walk you through the types of Privately Funded Home Care services available. We can also help build a plan to suit your individual needs. Talk to us today about your options.

Private brokers
Service   GST Exclusive GST Inclusive
Personal care
(Personal care is GST Exclusive)
Domestic Care                                     
Meal Preparation                              
Medication Prompt        
Regular Hours Monday to Friday
6.00am - 8.00pm (min 1 hour)
$55.20 $60.72
After Hours Monday to Friday
8.00pm - 6.00am (min 1 hour)  
$63.80 $70.18
Saturday (min 1 hour) $68.00 $74.80
Sunday (min 1 hour) $83.00 $91.30
Public Holidays  (min 1 hour)  $97.00 $106.70
24 hrs/ 7 days per week backup phone service Free
Client related travel Client related travel $1.25 $1.38
Overnight Care Inactive (10hrs)  Overnight Care Inactive (10hrs)  $348.00 $382.80
Saturday & Sunday (8.00pm - 6.00am) $423.00 $465.30
Public Holidays (8.00pm - 6.00am) $508.00 $558.80
24 Hour Care Monday to Thursday
$628.00 $690.08
Friday & Saturday
$813.00 $894.30
Sunday & Public Holidays $1108.00 $1218.80
Care Management 1 hour consultation $85.00 $93.50