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In-Home Care Packages

In-Home Aged Care Packages

Home care packages are designed to help you get more out of life.

If you, or a partner, has complex health needs, you can use a home care package to assist. This can help you to keep living independently and stay part of the community. 

You can use a home care package to find a personalised care worker for a range of tasks. Everything from allied health needs to help around the home and accessing your community to cleaning up around the house. 

On this page you’ll learn:

  • What a home care package is
  • How BodeWell's home care services work
  • Other types of funding that are available 

What is a home care package?

A home care package is a service subsidised by the Government for an older person approved by the ACAT aged care assessment team experiencing difficulty managing at home.

You might require temporary assistance, or a long term solution. 

It could be something big that helps you get through the day or something to just help you stay in touch with the community. 

This is why BodeWell's home care packages and support are tailored to suit your needs. 

A range of different services can be provided, depending on the level of home care package you’re eligible for and the assistance you require.

The three main home care service categories are:

  • Services designed to keep you happy, healthy and independent. This includes things like personal care, nursing services and allied health. 
  • Services designed to keep you safe at home. This includes things like cleaning, home maintenance and minor modifications, and assistive technology. 
  • Services designed to keep you connected to the community. This includes things like transport and social support services.

How BodeWell’s home care packages work

To receive a Government-subsidised home care package, you first need to contact My Aged Care by calling 1800 200 422 or visiting

Your needs will be assessed and if eligible, your name will be put on the national package waitlist. Once you have been assigned a package, this is when it’s time to select an approved home care provider.

You can choose to nominate BodeWell as your preferred provider or ring us directly so we can best understand your individual needs and assist you with your package. 

BodeWell has four basic levels of home care packages, and this is the best way to develop a package and services that suit you. 

Package services

Please note that BodeWell Community Care does not charge GST to clients accessing services using Home Care Package Funding. 

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Home Care Brochure
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Other types of funding that are available

If you don’t qualify for a Government-subsidised home care services or you’re still living in the community, there are additional levels of support you can access.

Commonwealth Home Support Programme

The Commonwealth Home Support Programme gives you access to entry-level support services to assist you with living at home. While the level of services available is smaller, it is also subsidised by the Government and requires a small contribution from the client.

Privately funded services

BodeWell provides privately funded in-home services and support. 

Unlike Government-subsidised home care packages, privately funded clients pay their full home care service fees. 

This can be beneficial in some cases, where you don’t need a home care package. 

You can choose from Bodwell's full range of services and you pay per individual booking, which is a great solution if you’re still waiting for your Home Care Package or you don’t yet qualify for funding support. 

Personal support worker

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