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Understanding eligibility for in-home support

In-home support can help you with a range of support needs, from meal prep to housekeeping, medication prompting and in-home respite.

These services support your independence, so you can continue to enjoy your home and community.

You might be eligible for Government-funded in-home support. This includes Home Care Packages and the Commonwealth Home Support Programme. 

There are also options for people who are ineligible for in-home support.

Types of Government-subsidised in-home support services

The main Government-funded in-home support services are Home Care Packages and the Commonwealth Home Support Programme.

  • Home Care Package – Designed to support older Australians with complex needs. Home Care Packages deliver a coordinated mix of services. There are four funding levels, based on your service needs and funding requirements. You can use a Home Care Package to fund everything from cleaning to clinical care.
  • Commonwealth Home Support Programme – Designed for older Australians who need help around the home, but only with one or a couple of tasks. It’s entry-level support designed to keep you happy, healthy and connected to your community.

What factors influence your eligibility

There are several factors that will impact your eligibility for in-home support.

  • Age
  • Capabilities
  • Care needs

What you can do if your application is rejected

Even if you’re ineligible for these programs, you can still find the support you need.

BodeWell’s Privately Funded Home Care services can help you make the most of your home and community.

We can help with everyone from ongoing personal care, to grocery shopping, assisting with community participation and meal prep.

BodeWell’s approach to in-home support

At BodeWell, we do everything we can to help you make more possible, both at home and in your community.

We recognise the levels of emotional, physical and financial investment associated with receiving in-home support.

That’s why we are committed to nurturing an environment where people feel emotionally and physically secure and supported. Talk to us today about your options.