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Feedback, compliments, & complaints

Our Feedback and Complaints policy

What are we doing well? What could we be doing better?

At BodeWell we appreciate your feedback and are always willing to take any comments onboard. 

  • We provides an  accessible, confidential and fair transparent system for clients/participants and/or their representatives to provide positive and negative feedback about the care and services they receive
  • We clarify the roles and responsibilities of staff to ensure complaints are handled fairly and objectively
  • We effectively manage complaints and issues identified, setting out how staff record and analyse complaint data
  • We respond appropriately to feedback received formally, informally, written or verbal in a timely manner.
  • We identify barriers that make it difficult for clients to raise issues and create a culture that welcomes and supports them – this may include:
    • Literacy and language skills
    • Cultural and linguistic background
    • Physical, mental, cognitive and sensory abilities
  • We use feedback data to improve the quality of care and services to lead to better outcomes
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Feedback, compliments, & complaints

If you have any questions, please call our dedicated team.

What is the nature of your feedback?